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If you're interested in knowing more, then it would be lovely to talk with you. Whether you're looking for someone to run an arts workshop/project, looking to devise a personal celebration, looking to develop a personal creative practise, I would be glad to discuss things with you.


Whatever the work, taking time to care for each person's way into their involvement of the project and the quality of their experience will be central to the process.

There's more information below if you'd like to read more! Testomonies and a chronology of my work ...

Thank you for reading!

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What people said:

This has been such a wonderful chapter especially for demonstrating how vision and motivation can bring wonderful results.


I just wanted to say congratulations on an utterly fantastic day - I really think it was a true success and you have stimulated and entertained the good folk of this community.


Thanks loads for enabling me to make new work and working methods. I'm well chuffed.

Kid Carpet, collaborating artist


Your attention to detail made it extra special.

St Werburghs City Farm


Eileen has a unique approach to working with people of all abilities and ages.


Was great to take part in something we were all involved in. It gave me a real confidence boost.


This was a delightful oasis in our learning journey. It really inspired the children.

Participating teacher

I’ve learnt a lot and pushed personal boundaries.


I’ve enjoyed creating something from scratch and watching it grow and having a real sense of purpose.


Thank you - I’m actually beginning to believe in my own ability.


Thank you. I personally appreciated how democratic it was. The whole process was amazing, and I feel privileged to be part of this.


It was the best puppet show in the world. I loved it.

Audience member

What a fantastic show - Very inspiring and imaginative - Exactly what I want to get me started on a community project.

Exhibition visitor

The best exhibition yet! Wonderful mixture of info, history, image, voices, full of detail, thought and feeling producing. An inspiring thought provoking collection.

Exhibition visitor

I am so moved and excited and inspired by the energy and enthusiasm in this show.


It has been a good and positive experience for me, one that I value. ….one that I will remain with me for a long time.


Education and work history

In West Dorset since 2010 

During the last decade I've held a post in the local hospice as an arts practitioner working with patients and family members, have worked with Bridport Museum on an intergenerational participatory project and also with the Jurassic Coast Team and the Dorest County Hospital. I'm currently a director on the board of Emerald Ant arts organization and a founding trustee of Bridport Community Shed and co director of

In Bristol 2001 - 2010

This was a great decade spent in Bristol's communities. Here I established my work as a community artist and had long-term relationships with institutions and organisations. I worked with Bridport Royal Children's Hospital, Travelling Light theatre company, acta community theatre, Sure Start, Age Concern, Bristol Libraries, Bristol Museum. I would be directing youth and community and intergenerational theatre projects. Delivering community wide oral history projects and producing related books. I worked at the bedside as a storyteller and story maker at the Children's Hospital. 

I also formed tinker and bloom as company "promoting enjoyment in the little things," and raised funds to deliver oral history projects, touring exhibitions, processional community celebrations and community theatre projects. 

The nomadic chapter 1999- 2001

Feeling like spreading my wings I spent time travelling and exploring other ways. I worked with Musika, a charity taking arts workers to work alongside youth leaders and staff in psychiatric units in Romania. In Pembrokeshire I ran an arts consultation programme for parents for Sure Start. In Stoke on Trent for B-arts, I worked with young parents to create a book for pre-school children. I was an artist on lantern processions in Bakewell and Machynlleth and in Ulverston with Welfare State International. I completed an apprenticeship with Liberec Puppet Company in the Czech Republic. I taught at the University of Dunedin, New Zealand, and performed a one woman show at Magdalene International Women's Festival, Wellington.


In Cardiff 1994 -1998 

At this time I was getting stuck in to projects and learning my trade delivering long-term programs as a drama therapist and community artist. At Rookwood Rehabilitation Hospital, Castle Fields and Trelai Day and Ty Canna services and initiated the role of an inclusion worker at the SWICA  (South Wales Intercultural Community Arts) annual carnival.

Formative times Exeter 1993 - 1994 

I had lots of fun, learning and making mistakes with a great range of charities and arts organisations, running projects for children and adults with physical and learning disabilities. With PHAB, Mencap, Magic Carpet Arts for Health, Honeylands Children's Centre, the Strolling Players.


Education 1987-1992

I was in Nottingham to do my A' levels in psychology and art and German. In Exeter for BA Hons in German and Drama and Hertfordshire School of Art and Design for a Postgraduate Diploma in drama therapy. Highlights included catching a bus into Nottingham city centre on school nights to be an active part in the very atmospheric Lace Market Theatre. A placement with a drama therapist as part of my degree was greatly inspiring and a midnight slot in the Mason's lodge at the Edinburgh Fringe for our devised production, "The Machine" was humbling!

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