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Personal events and individual work

Creativity has always played a central role in celebration and in ritual. If you're thinking about holding a unique event to acknowledge a significant time in your life then I can work with you to plan and deliver that in a way that is meaningful to you personally. 

I also work with people on a one to one basis where individuals feel that working with someone to guide them will be beneficial in enhancing their connection to themselves and their creativity. 

Lanterns provide an illuminating vehicle for messages and provide a magical focus for personal celebrations.
Small is beautiful. A wish boat is decorated with flowers as part of a naming ceremony.
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Indoor or outdoor trails, encountering installations in surprising places, shadow plays, anything is possible ... engaging with our creativity is a wonderful way to access our playful selves making an event particularly unique. 
We recognise that taking time to connect with our creativity has a powerful positive impact on our sense of wellbeing. Engaging in playful, process led activities can help us reinvigour our sense of selves. I can offer gentle participant-led one-to-one sessions to support personal creative practise.  One-to-one sessions will also offer support to those living with low mood, anxiety or life limiting conditions.
Tools to play don't need to be fancy! Given the right environment and encouragement we can all find joy in play and creativity. I can offer one-off creative workshops to add a sense of play to events.
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