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Shining light on skills and experience

Acknowledging an individual's skills and experience is empowering and can lead to a deep understanding between people. Participants will be involved in each stage of the project so that it becomes a shared endeavour in which participants can find a new creative outlet. Whether it's a community theatre project, an oral history project, a story book, or an issue lead piece of work, this work triumphs in celebrating each person's contribution.

In this intergenerational project residents of a nursing home crafted the magic potion bottles inspired by local school children's dream super powers. The older people's crafting skills and zest to tell a tale and the children's eagerness to hear a story made for an abundant shared experience.
Tales from the Plot was an oral history project which collated the knowledge of allotment holders across Bristol and culminated in an interactive touring exhibition and a programme fo schools workshops. The abundance of knowledge and experience gathered were riches indeed.
An older person's theatre company devised, produced and performed this puppet performance to primary schools. The cast chose to address consumerism and sustainability issues and centred the story around their experience of making do and mending.
Age uk4.jpg
This intergenerational project commissioned by Age UK involved a group to devise interactive performances that invited audiences to engage with and challenge the preconceptions we hold of one another. 
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Patients receiving care at a hospice took time to reflect over the highs and lows of their lives illustrated and devised stories for children focusing on the nuggets of wisdom they had gathered on their life's journey.
Members of an arts group supporting people with mental health issues, came together to devise a musical puppet performance in celebration of their collective skills and talents. Involving poetry, song and story telling the piece toured to community settings local to the group.
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