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Shared celebrations

We have a good appreciation of seasonal festivities in this country and increasingly we recognise that celebrating a tradition, a place, a season can enhance feelings of positivity in our neighbourhoods and communities. From the seed of an idea through to project development and consultation, community involvement, event production and evaluation I'll be glad to talk through your ideas.

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Patients at a hospice and their families worked together to create lanterns culminating in and evening of music, stories, light and darkness.

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You will find lanterns on every page of this website! There is nothing like a lantern for bringing people together in a celebration of making and wonder. The transformation of simple materials into a vehicle for light is a magic that never fails to transfix. 
Through the Tunnel Community Celebration to open St Werburgh's City Farm Amphitheatre 2010.


On a trail to celebrate a local landmark involving foraging and wildflower folklore, audience members here enjoy hearing a story.

Jurassic Coast team 2011_edited.jpg

Building a large structure within a limited time frame calls on lots of team work. Experiencing the progress made as a collective is hugely satisfying. There is space for everyone to make a meaningful contribution on the way to producing an event that can inspire much fun and pride. 


The process of creating a book allows for an infinite range of ways for people to become involved in a shared project. By contributing for five minutes or longer, sharing an oral story, a photo, a sketch, an idea, participants can feel the positivity of a collective project. Maybe a recipe book, or a collection of devised children's stories...young parents meeting at a Sure Start Centre produced this book in celebration of their children.

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