Things for sale

The items pictured here are aimed at promoting enjoyment of the little things. If you would like to buy an item please click on the button to go to my etsy shop 

Stone a Throw

stone a throw.jpg

A game of guile and imagination for 2+ players. Stone a Throw is combination of Jacks, Pictionary, the art of recounting inconsequential detail and the art of discerning the pattern of unknown constellations. Once you have become familiar with the suggested instructions, then Stone a Throw is a game that can be played with minimum fuss, and maximum spontaneity and enjoyed with anyone anywhere.


£10. including post and packaging.

The parcel will include the game's instructions, a set of pebbles and their travel bag.

Sail Full Blown

sail full blown.JPG

Designed as a vehicle for a message, a Sail Full Blown is attached to a small raft crafted out of driftwood. The paper sail allows for messages of love, hope and promise to be written on it.

The raft and sail are flat packable and come in a felt travelling pouch.


£20. including post and packaging within the UK.