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The items pictured here are aimed at promoting enjoyment of the little things. If you would like to buy an item please click on the button to go to my etsy shop.

Thank you for looking!  

Big Bag

Stone a Throw

stone a throw.jpg

An illustrated poem listing a tool kit for navigating life's journey, Big Bag is a perfect little gift for special birthdays, new borns and naming ceremonies. 
Illustrated with 29 pen and watercolour images, the poem takes the reader through a humorous and poignant list of what might be a useful tool kit for managing the highs and lows of life. 
Big Bag is an A6 paperback making it perfect to pop in your pocket.
A special and unique gift for your loved ones expressing your high hopes that their lives be filled with life, love and laughter.
A blank page at the beginning of the book allows for you to write your individual message.
Plus - each book has an original butterfly penned by myself onto each individual copy making your gift truly unique! 

£5 plus £2 post and packaging.
£4 from each sale will go to  and 

A game of guile and imagination for 2+ players. Stone a Throw is combination of Jacks, Pictionary, the art of recounting inconsequential detail and the art of discerning the pattern of unknown constellations. Once you have become familiar with the suggested instructions, then Stone a Throw is a game that can be played with minimum fuss, and maximum spontaneity and enjoyed with anyone anywhere.
£10. including post and packaging.
The parcel will include the game's instructions, a set of pebbles and their travel bag.

Repurposing Clinic

This unique service offers to repurpose an item of yours that is either broken or has lived out its usefulness. The item must fit within a shoebox and can be posted to me for repurposing. I will reimagine and complete the repurpose transforming your item into one with a previously unidentified usefulness. Stilleto to dibber? Wing mirror to sky-viewer?
From £30.00
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